True Story of Love

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True story:

There was a woman who married her high school sweetheart at age 18 who had a son at age 20.

Unfortunately, she made that marriage decision a little too young and got a divorce when she was 21 (with an infant)!

Some years later, she was diagnosed with cancer. Thankfully, she beat it.

After a run of pretty short-lived romances, she found someone who was ready for a next-level relationship.

She was head over heels and engaged, planning a really special wedding to her partner.

But, then suddenly, the engagement was off!

She was 42 and the person she thought was her partner was disappearing from her life. 

Now… do you think she stopped? Do you think she gave up? Threw in the towel? Said to herself… I’m 42 years old. Maybe the whole love thing is just not going to happen for me…

Absolutely not!

Two months later, she was dating one of the sexiest, most eligible guys around… and he was clearly communicating that he was head over heels for her.

So, if you’ve gotten caught up in a shortage mindset regarding love, you might be asking me — Katie, is this really a true story?

Yes, it is. It’s Sofia Vergara’s story. If you don’t know, Sofia is one of the most in-demand women in Hollywood these days.

Now, that shortage mindset may be in a fuss.

Well! Of course, Sofia Vergara can have whatever and whomever she wants!

That’s true. And that’s true because she has owned that perspective from a young age. And she does not quit.

That can be equally true for you.

Can you have Joe Manganiello as your boyfriend? Maybe not… because he’s Sofia’s.

But, can you manifest your own guy, one who is just right for you? In line with whatever your life values, aspirations, and dreams? YES.

Absolutely yes.

Sofia Vergara is where she is because of her inner story, first and foremost.

Yes, she was blessed with some great features.

But, she could have easily succumbed to fears of unworthiness, insecurities, beliefs about what it means to be a “cancer survivor” and kept her self small, hiding and avoiding what could be out in the world.

Does she? No. She knows her worth and she claims her worth.

Ask yourself today, “what would Sofia do about this?”

And see if that gives you any extra clarity leading you towards owning the full extent of the life that is yours to live. 🙂


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