Panties on fire (Super Bowl 2017)

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HA! What a post title, eh?

Seriously, did you watch Super Bowl 51?!

It was hot.

Masculine, focused hot.

And this is coming from a girl who has never sat through an entire Super Bowl game.

I saw that there’s a lot to learn about the masculine mind from watching that game.

For those who didn’t watch, a quick recap:

The Atlanta Falcons were dominating through the first half and were up by 25 points and had a 99.6% chance of winning (according to ESPN stats).

THEN, the Patriots (who have been champs of Super Bowls for years) completely turned it around to win in the first overtime in Super Bowl history. Wow – what a story.

Anyways, what I walked away with was a huge admiration of Tom Brady’s ability to focus.

He had a 0.4% chance to win with huge stakes and MILLIONS of eyes on him and he seemed to only flourish under the pressure.

He just kept showing up. Doggedly, persistently, and without drama or fuss.

This is something I love about masculine energy.

I see it in Ryan when he sinks his teeth into a project and is up into the early morning hours.

When I see this, I compliment it. I work to honor it and cherish it because your guy wants to feel like your hero.

However, if your partner (or future partner) gets caught up in hyper-masculine, achievement energy too much, the risk of burning out increases.

So, it’s helpful to slow him down sometimes and express appreciation for early nights reserved for the two of you, too.

All told, I walked away from watching the Super Bowl with a new appreciation for witnessing masculine energy in action.

If you haven’t felt connected to your spark (i.e., “your panties on fire”) in a while, find a way to reconnect to your femininity.

That may include watching guys brute it out, who knows.

Don’t box yourself in, though — masculinity and femininity are a spectrum and are expressed in every person and couple uniquely.

Either way, I predict I’ll be tuning into more football games in the future 😉

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