Saying “Yes”

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“You bring about what you think about, whether you want it or not.”

That’s a well-adopted teaching that I imagine you practice living by, just like me.

This teaching is so well-illustrated by a story from my neighborhood that I just had to share.

There’s an adorable house across the street from me.

It has (literally) a white picket fence, an adorable raised vegetable garden, grass, potted plants, and a fountain.

Also, there’s a little wrap-around front porch where the owners of the home enjoy sitting in wicker furniture, enjoying the breezes and butterflies floating by.

The absolute epitome of peace and wellness, right?

Well… only depending on the inner state of the people who live there, of course.

The owners of this house have 2 dogs, one of whom happens to bark anytime there’s another dog or even people walking by.

And we live in a dog-loving, active neighborhood!

I don’t think the woman who lives there has ever read a book about manifesting or about dog training.

As soon as her dogs start barking, she starts yelling at them.

And what does that do for the dog?


Dogs don’t understand human language and negative reinforcement is only confusing to them.

So, this pattern, dogs yelling, humans yelling, has continued for years.

And it just shows that her urge to push against the dogs barking, by bringing more attention to the barking and barking in her own way back at it, keeps the problem around.

What you resist persists.

You can’t get better results from yelling at the results you have.

And we can all fall prey to this tendency. It’s a human experience to push against what causes frustration, pain, or discomfort.

But, we can all practice a new way.

Instead of pushing against, bring close, understand, and refocus.

Let what you don’t want, whether its dogs barking or a lonely weekend, inform what you do want.

And then put your energy, your focus, your feelings on what you want instead.

As you put your intention towards what you want, you will be inspired and gently guided towards the realization of what you want, regardless of whether it’s in the area of health, money, or love. 

We can all keep practicing, one day and one moment at a time, tuning ourselves towards what we want.

And the world keeps getting better and better with each one of us doing so. 🙂


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