Giving and Receiving In Love

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Continuing on my last post

If you missed it, it was a story about how to connect with the joy of being taken care of and adored.

All the women I work with want a partner who wants to take care of them.

Some women want to be stay-at-home mothers / partners, but plenty want to keep working until their old age.

This idea of being taken care of is not related to whether you make money in some way.

It’s purely related to the dynamic of your romantic relationship.

And one of the best ways to perfect that dynamic is before the relationship has even started.

Here’s the deal:

Being treated like a queen, like the apple of his eye, does not mean you are spoiled or unkind.

Instead, it helps you connect with the belief that EVERYONE deserves to be treated well.

Every single being on this planet deserves inherently to be treated like royalty. 

Are we there, yet?

Not quite. But are we on our way?

Yes. Most definitely.

What’s the best way that you can help our progress?

By treating yourself like royalty.

By seeing first and foremost that you deserve whatever you want.

As you raise your vibration and your energy, you will automatically contribute to the energy raising of the entire Universe. (This helps us all move faster towards what we want.)

Do you deserve whatever you want at the cost of another?

No, it would never work like that.

Instead, when you connect with abundance, with receiving, with appreciation, with joy — you are massively benefitting all around you.

The idea that if someone gives to you they lose for themselves is from a limited world view perspective that believes in Win-Lose.

This is the idea that if one person wins, other people have to lose.

But, this isn’t a universal principle. It’s a human idea that we project onto the world around us.

And you can choose to stop doing so whenever you want.

Start to notice the Win-Wins. Win-Win is the way the Universe works.

When someone gives you a compliment, a smile, a gift, money, resources, advice, assistance — see that the fact that they gave to you automatically gave to themselves, as well.

Energy cannot be destroyed. It can only change form.

There is no such thing as loss in this Universe.

So, if you used to feel uncomfortable with the idea of being cared for and adored and treated, see that it was part of an old world belief in Win-Lose.

And trust that you can shift your perspective to Win-Win.

Trust that every time someone gives to you, in any capacity, they are benefitting themselves equally if not more so than you.

I know this is a common snag for many women who want to be cared for, but have trouble staying stuck in thoughts of “undeserving” or “unworthiness”.

Well, enough of that, now.

Now, when a man comes into your life and wants to treat you, love you, massage you, compliment you, smile at you, you’ll think, “ah, this makes sense.” 🙂

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