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I was at a Whole Foods the other day and took the time to connect with the abundance that Whole Foods represents for me.

Just imagine — aisles and aisles of specialty products, fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, meats, cheeses — geared to fit a variety of dietary preferences and needs.

Shipped from around the world in a way that preserves the freshness of the food.

And available for purchase for a few dollars at a register.

It’s fantastic when you take the time to think about it.

I was standing in the produce aisle and looking over the huge variety of vegetables, fruits, and cheeses they had on offer and loved seeing the massive amount of diversity we have available on this planet.

And, for sure, what was visible was only a tiny fraction of the variety that is actually available!

It made me think of the variety of women I connect with on a daily basis.

Women from all over the world, in different careers, different life circumstances, different life experiences…

But, one of the most predictable similarities among all of them is theirdesire for a partner who wants to contribute to their lives.

They all want a partner who wants to give to them and take care of them.

And I feel quite confident you want that, too.

Here’s what I’ve noticed, though…

Almost all of these women have quite a bit of difficulty being cared for.

Do you see this in yourself?

There are all sorts of reasons why that could be.

Perhaps you grew up having to be in a “mothering” role earlier than you might have liked.

Perhaps you were taught that giving is a virtue and getting is “selfish” (and that selfish = bad) and so were constantly motivated to be the “giver” in your relationships.

Perhaps you were really well cared for, but you look back on those memories with guilt.

Regardless of the past, it’s time to work on this, right?

Otherwise, no guy will be able to buck your current vibration or fight against your discomfort with receiving.

  • First step: shift your perspective on your past. Start to see that you felt comfortable in the “giving” role and that now you are choosing to have more balance.
  • Second step: recognize the immense value you provide to others by letting them give to you.You must be able to connect with this — haven’t you ever given a gift and see the receiver’s eyes light up with joy?

    That’s the gift you receive every time you give.

    Now, it’s time to let others receive your joy.

  • Third step: start practicing receiving in your day-to-day life.From compliments, to cups of coffee, to cab rides, to dinners, and on up.

    Start to see the value in being a woman who receives with grace and appreciation.

As you get increasingly more comfortable in that role, you’ll be really getting up to speed with the partner you want…

A guy who wants to shower you in love, affection, attention, and all the rest.

Enjoy the practicing!

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