This 1 thing will cure your V-Day woes

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Here’s Valentine’s Day! Let’s be real…

I’ve heard more stories of people getting all tied up in knots around Valentine’s Day, regardless of relationship status, than of having a blast.

Haven’t you?

For singles, it can feel lonely and like everyone is shoving their coupley-ness in your face.

For couples, it can feel like there are ridiculous expectations that can come crashing down on one or both of you.

For people in the in-between, just-started-seeing-each-other phase… yikes. Valentine’s Day can feel like you have to make decisions faster than you might otherwise.

Here’s the truth:

Valentine’s Day is simply a mirror where you get a chance to own your insecurities.

And *bonus* you get to get on with getting over those insecurities if you so choose.

(Get, get, get it… sounds like Beyonce line from ’98. Or an Usher line from yesterday.)

Here’s what’s happening — when lots of people direct their attention towards the same subject, the energy builds.

It’s all over social media, the news, storefronts.

Our collective focus can impact every little detail, even the shelves in grocery stores and the options of a standard restaurant menu.

You see this with any of our major holidays.

Zooming in on YOUR life, as energy builds, what requires your attention naturally gets louder.

So, perhaps you feel inadequate with being single, but ignore that with your usual rush of daily activity.

Or, maybe you aren’t feeling recognized or loved in your relationship, but have avoided sharing this because you don’t know if what you feel is valid or even how to communicate these vulnerable feelings.

Or, perhaps you KNOW that having a partner is super important to you, but you haven’t been willing to really let go and move on from your ex.

Whatever it is, typical daily life can often drown this stuff out so you only pay attention to it in the shower or, even, only in your dreams.

But, then something like freaking Valentine’s Day comes along and shines a flashlight on it.

I get it, that sucks.

No one likes to feel called out.

But, you can use this (potentially painful) clarity and grow from it.

Become the woman on the other side of this doorway.

As you sit, honestly looking at what’s really going on for you, what do you want to work on?

Seeing the beauty and magnificence of you regardless of the brand of your jeans, bank account, relationship status, likes on Instagram?

Trusting that your guy is always devoted to you, and working together so you can so that you hear it more clearly?

Setting up a wing lady date to go to a networking event, to practice meeting and connecting with new potential dates?

What is it you need?

We are all always working on something.

Don’t believe the lie that everyone’s perfect.

You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have more to grow into and work on.

I’m working on rooting down in a new home with new family. I’m working on establishing a food and fitness plan that actually works for me. I’m working on building a solid, deep spirituality. I’m working on showing up in life for me and Ryan. I’m working on connecting with YOU – authentically, honestly, and in a way that adds value to the world.

And I’m working on this stuff 24/7. Reading about it, writing about it, seeking, practicing, seeking, practicing.

Don’t stop seeking and practicing.

Let your life be your art.

Let Valentine’s Day, whatever it brings out of you, be a catalyst for your growth and happiness.

And after all that, there’s always this:Ha, who doesn’t love dark chocolate?!

Now, it’s your turn!

Let me know in the comments below with 1-2 sentences. What are you working on right now?

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  1. Sabina Cowie

    I’m working on staying in today. One day at a time. Being my best every day. Happy today. Sending good vibrations out today. Not future tripping about why I’m not in a relationship. Taking action today. Trying new suggestions from you every day even if they are uncomfortable at this moment. I have nothing to lose and everything to gain. One step forward.

    1. Post
      Dr. Katie

      Love it, Sabina. Being in the present moment takes away all the illusions that we can create by focusing on the past or present. “Future tripping” is a great term for it. Keep holding your energy and taking fast action and we’ll keep adjusting from there. It’s a formula guaranteed to bring you what you want. 🙂

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